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Project for the urban reform of the main square in the municipality of Albuixech. Valencia. Valencia. Spain.


Authors of the project:


Alberto Millà Zaragozà - Architect

Inma Martinez - Architect

Albert Millà - Technical Architect. Architecture student.

Carles Faus - Architect.


The intervention in the main square of Albuixech has been designed to provide the inhabitants of the town with a public space of greater urban and landscape quality. The concept that has been defined to achieve this goal has been the interconnection and extension of spaces through the extension of the existing urban fabric. The aim has been to visually extend and widen the space by making use of the existing urban grid, creating connections between the northern and southern ends of the square. The use of this plot subdivision for the fragmentation of the square establishes a visual rhythm that intermingles between the different materiality of the zero level and the natural landscape elements used. The reading of the whole complex seeks a visual continuity, an extension of the spaces, and a chromatic harmony through the natural elements and the projected materiality.


The materiality of the pedestrian level is defined by two materials, the continuous concrete paving and smaller prefabricated concrete pieces.


The continuous concrete paving responds to an abstraction of the rustic plots of land on the outskirts of the urban centre. The non-slip texture is intended to respond to the layout that is defined at the end of the ploughing.


The landscape study has been defined with the aim of obtaining visual and chromatic harmony thanks to the detailed choice of each of the plant species, taking into account at all times the permanence of the different existing tree species, such as the eucalyptus and the different types of palm trees. The chromatic harmony defined for this urban public space fluctuates from reds and pinks to whites and greens, achieving a natural landscape alteration that the user will perceive unconsciously throughout the year. In the choice of each of the species, their roots and behaviour in the Valencian lands have been taken into account, this being the first criterion for their selection. Another important factor in the choice of tree species is the solar protection they provide in the months when the sun's position is higher, and at the same time they allow the sun to be enjoyed in the cold winter months, which is why three different species of deciduous trees have been used. 


Carles Faus Borràs


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