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House located in Algarve - Portugal


The project is located in the Portuguese Algarve, in a residential area, programmed to house mainly second summer residences. 

The plot has an irregular topography, raised between three and four metres above the access level and with an important concrete screen that delimits it at the back of the dwelling. 

The project has been configured through the juxtaposition of three twin volumes to house the entire programme required by the client. The main two-storey volume is the one that welcomes us; through it we access the interior of the house. When we open the main door we generate a backdrop of perspective towards a green space arising from the maze and the movement generated for the formal composition of the volumes. 
On this level we find a guest bedroom with a complete bathroom inside, a courtesy toilet to service the ground floor, a study, a room for reading and music. 

If we enter the second volume we are greeted by the main living room, designed with a double height to magnify both the interior space and the view from the outside. The play of volumes has been conceived so that the exterior is a translation of the interior. At the same time, the exterior walls were given a stony texture to further emphasise the movement and continuity of the spaces. 




The living room plays at all times with the perspectives and the relationship between the green spaces that surround the house. Each of its faces generates a perspective background which we take in as we position ourselves on each of the planes that generate the space. 

Every movement is preceded by a direct view of the exterior, seeking to extend the view, sensorially widening the space we inhabit. 

Leaving the living room, we enter the last volume that visually shapes the project. This volume is the kitchen, conceived as a space half-open to the living room and with an intermediate height to the other two volumes that precede it. Its size is intended to house not only the work island but also a second table for morning lunches. In this space we generate a visual where the gaze goes beyond the space where we find ourselves, because it connects through a succession of window plus void plus window, with the main entrance to the house. 

It is time to approach the staircase, which has been designed as an element that travels beyond its own functionality, its design has sought to bring beauty and serenity to the whole space that surrounds it. When we disembark on the first floor we have configured the space to have three complete bedrooms with bathroom and dressing room inside.



Name of the Project:                                   


Algarve House



Algarve / Portugal

Year of completion of construction:         



Built area:                                                    


656 m2

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