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The studio was born with the will and the purpose of projecting to achieve to promote in the society, the communicative capacity of the architecture. We look for the complete synergy between technique and pleasure through beauty.

The dialogue with other arts and disciplines is the main tool of the study, we make repeated approaches at different scales, with the freedom and the purpose of finding formal and theoretical aspects that allow us to export them to our architectural projects, either in a house or at a city scale. We seek to access knowledge through the pleasure that the beauty of the built work transmits.

We intend to nurture the architecture of all those communicating vessels that strengthen the dialogue between the different disciplines, and as observers of this process we find the beauty that lies within. Above all, the dialogue with the end users and our clients, the functionality of the space and its needs prevails.

Cities demand different approaches to the new scenarios that are emerging. As we approach the urban scale, we seek a balance between economic and social sustainability without losing sight of the continuity of the existing fabric, in order to provide society with more secure and comfortable public spaces. Spaces where the figure of the pedestrian is extolled as opposed to the more conventional mobility of urban traffic. The regeneration and reorganisation of the existing city allows us to reintroduce our urban fabric into the production cycle, seeing it from both economic and social perspectives. The aim is to strengthen the fabric of our cities to place them at the forefront of accessibility and sustainability.

The studio's team, located in Algemesí - Valencia, is made up of a consolidated group of professionals from very diverse sectors (landscaping, acoustics, structural calculations, installations, art, architecture...). Their work is unified in detail, which transmits their best work to the final process, the finished work.


Carles Faus Borràs


Silvia Granell Carles Faus Arquitectura

Silvia Granell


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Alba Guarinos


Carles Faus Arquitectura

Andrea Pons


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Toni Mondéjar


Carles Faus Arquitectura

Alejandro Serrano


Foto Berna_PTSP.jpg

Bernabé Boscà


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